Love Isnt Always Convenient

Lets set the limits.

It’s not always the romantic,emotion-filled,”you mean the whole world to me” kind of feeling.Is it about feeling? Well,for me my feeling comes and goes.They are transient.What I feel in the morning differs from what I feel in the evening.Maybe that sounds quiet idiosyncratic.

But frankly,that’s the foundation of Romantic Love. A little touch.A little cuddle.Rose flowers.Sweet smelling cologne.Hot bath.Just the two of you in the shower with Dave Koz’s Jazz or Luther Van Dross pervading the air with such heart-warming,spin- chilling,erotic music.Yes.Those kinds.You know what I mean.Hahahahaha.

But when a lady commits her life to saving the wild species of bats in the Amazon forest from extinction,it is thought as unreasonable.Protecting butterflies.Advocating for the salvation of sharks and dolphins in the ocean.Maybe,she belongs to such groups as Friend of Amphibians or anything closely related to such.Sometimes,she is just passionately researching about the reproductive system of frogs or crocodiles when in fact she cant explain why her own womb is “dead”.That too is love.Storge,the Greek will call it.

What of a man who works hard,saves his income to support vulnerable orphans whose future is threatened by the ravages of HIV AIDS.?

What of the school child in Korea who will save his “candy money”to support a helpless child in Africa? Agape.

The mention of Love creates an idea of ” out of this world’s experience”,an endless streaming of joy and a seemly perfect life of a Utopian order.Living happily throughout.

Let me show you  another picture.

A picture depicted by a man who  so loved the world that he sends the only son he has into a “country” whose laws demands that until a sacrifice is made,liberty cannot be granted to the “enslaved”.The guiltless,innocent son came into the “country”,grew up like any other baby,went across the streets like any boy does.At 30,he begun a purpose “movement” that will change the course of humanity.In very simplified words,he stated

I am the way,the truth and the life,nobody comes to the father except through me.

That’s all.Those terse yet transformative statement  will place him in the hands of wicked and unreasonable men three  years after.

He was tortured.He was maimed.He was ridiculed.He was brutalized.He was dehumanized.Eventually,he was “killed” like a thief. But His father engineered it all.He knew his only son must be “sacrificed” to save the endless billions of people that will ever come on earth.

Do you know what the father of this 33 years old man said later? Shockingly,He mentioned that the “loss of His Son” is a demonstration of “His Love to the entire world” !

God sent His son Jesus to be “killed”so that a price could be paid for your adoption from the street of death, from the gutters of neglect, abandonment and rejection, from the squalor of poverty.Jesus loves you so much to allow himself to be “killed” for you to “live”.

Greater love has no man than for a man to lay down his life for his brother.

Loving is coterminous to giving.Giving is living.Only living people express love.

The height of your love is proportionate to the magnitude of your giving.

I tell you,that certainly  will not be convenient.

So,what are ready to give for LOVE ?







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