…..Shall we Begin ?

I think it’s long overdue.

Perhaps you too didn’t get me uncomfortable enough.You see I am blaming you for no fault of yours.well,its true that each person should assume responsibility for his own action but tell I  you what? When people are succeeding,hardly will you hear them say ” I am successful today because nobody believed in my skills and talent”.Yes ,some do but hardly.Perhaps I should quickly join that small group of people and thank those girls in Amazing Love School, for successfully laughing at me progressively anytime I make those basic and unexpected mistakes in English.Though I wept internally,I was pushed to stretch further.Such is life,you know.

With my infinix Hot note Android 4.4.2 phone,I will remain in bed each morning with my back on the sheets,head on that pillow with my eyes starring and peering into world of imagination.

What was I waiting for? Words of inspiration.

It comes.Yes it does,naturally. These words have blessed many and inspired several others.Somehow,I felt I have been selfish in its communication.

“Why don’t you expand the readership net to  envelop diverse background?”

” …get more interactive.Let others critic your work.People will want to comment on some of the pieces(now posts)” .

Yes, and such similar recommendations was the motivation for this platform.

“What should we expect?” was a question a lady asked me when she got to know I am migrating the pieces into posts.From whatsupp unto wordpress.From Wilson’s Breakfast  Motivational Nuggets  to Inspiration Communications. Isn’t life about change?

Help me answer her, ” Keep reading ,keep commenting”,one day the fire will be kindled alight in you.


Be Inspired.Don’t Expire.

Just Re-fire.Not Retired





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